Dispatch and Werqwise partner to educate local and global blockchain communities

Posted by Dispatch on Nov 5, 2018 11:15:00 AM

Dispatch Werqwise Partnership

Dispatch is happy to announce our new partnership with Werqwise, a workspace provider based in San Francisco. We share the same mission of educating on Blockchain technology and building strong communities.

In particular, we want to help people at all levels of familiarity with the blockchain space to quickly understand how to implement and deploy the best blockchain solutions to truly make an impact on the world.

“By combining the two strong communities that the organizations have built, we are very excited to continue to educate blockchain enthusiasts and make the community stronger,” said Darin Kotalik, Dispatch VP of Marketing. “The Werqwise team has a great venue for cultivating the San Francisco blockchain community, and our blockchain educational series will be instrumental in the continued local and global growth.”

Founded in 2017, Werqwise is a collaborative workspace provider enabling businesses and professionals to work smarter by leveraging thoughtful partner resources, flexible workspaces, events, and community. Their Mission is to empower members and change the way the world works by approaching workspace unconventionally, including careful environmental design and other features.

In addition to office space, Werqwise seeks to offer members value-added services like networking and learning opportunities to help their businesses grow to full potential.

“There’s such intense interest in blockchain these days from startups and entrepreneurs that it’s something we’re always looking to address more directly within the Werqwise community,” said Nabeel Ahmed, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Werqwise. “When we met Dispatch, it was instantly clear there was a big shared interest in this area. So it just makes great sense for us to work together.”

By combining Dispatch’s understanding of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) with Werqwise’s beautiful collaboration space in San Francisco’s Yerba Buena neighborhood, as well as their existing partner network, we want to host events that greatly expand the audience for DLT.

As part of this fall’s San Francisco Blockchain Week, Dispatch participated in a panel discussion about the industry at Werqwise organized by Vite Labs. We’ve previously participated in several events to promote the hiring of women in blockchain, and we’re planning a developer series to discuss smart contracts, consensus algorithms and data-intensive applications on blockchain.

All these outreach events reflect Dispatch’s belief that if we truly want the blockchain to change the world, we must somehow reach the vast majority of people whose understanding is currently at a beginner level — or even nonexistent altogether.

We’re of course looking ahead to the launch of our main network soon as well. Thus Dispatch is interested to talk to developers, end users, and companies in industries that might benefit from the kind of data-centric distributed applications that our new platform will enable.

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